Top 4 MBA Specialisations In India

MBA accounts for the highest number of admissions in the last few years. A survey has shown that MBA has become the most preferred choice as a postgraduate course amongst millennials. Interestingly, it’s MBA all the way, especially when there are more than 81 MBA specializations to choose from, globally. This means that a vast number of options are available to anyone who wants to pursue a degree in Masters of Business Administration.

However, not all B-schools offer these many specializations. Some universities offer generalized programs which are an amalgamation of various fields of study. Whereas a few universities offer concentrated courses which focus on a particular specialization. The specializations may include a variety of courses like finance, marketing, operations management, human resource etc. Students can also combine a set of electives to study a customized program of their choice. Wider scope

With a number of options in mind, it becomes quite difficult for the average student to choose the correct specialization. Here is a listing of 4 of the most popular MBA specializations that top B-schools offer and students go for.

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Marketing:- MBA in marketing is the most popular specialization that MBA graduates in India go for. Marketing includes a hardcore front-end job profile which is best suited for outgoing people.  The field only invites dynamic and competitive individuals. To be a successful marketer, the basic requirement is excellent communication skills, resource mobilization skills, and undeterred zeal. The basic responsibilities of marketing manager involve a number of challenges, growth, and opportunities.

For individuals having an outgoing personality, who can influence people with their words and actions marketing is just right. Of course, MBA in Marketing assures a fat paycheck for the starters.

International Business:- An MBA in International Business is aimed at students who want to make a career in some business abroad. It covers a variety of issues which affect global business. These include issues like globalization, cross-cultural differences, dealing and expansion of business abroad and managing multinational enterprises. It also explains the role of Multinational organizations in social campaigns. Therefore, an MBA in International Business educates on the global issues and ensures that a person’s understanding of carrying out business abroad is top-notch.

Operations Management:- MBA in Operations Management educates a student to deal with Production Management or Shop Floor Management. After completing your MBA in operations management career options are open as a Product Manager or Operations Manager. An operations manager must be aware of all the handling processes, manufacturing channels, sales channels of your company. In other words, it equips you with all major future challenges. In fact, you can also choose to work as a consultant who looks after resource management, pricing, and manufacturing to ensure market optimization.

Human Resources:- MBA in Human resources is apt for those who look forward to a career in managing manpower of an organization. An MBA in Human Resources educates you with skill sets required for initial recruitment, retaining the strong workforce and effective training of employees. The program provides training for the creation of vibrant organizational culture and motivation of employees. The first year of the program is specifically generalized because it covers all the fields. During the program’s second year, the curriculum only focuses on Human Resources and its sub-.

Most of the students who opt for an MBA go for the above mentioned 4 specializations. If you are looking to complete an MBA degree, you can choose from these specializations. Can we start the article with a catchy introduction like MBA accounts for the highest number of admissions in the last few years? A survey has shown that MBA has become the most preferred choice as a postgraduate course amongst millennials.