The Most Common Mistakes Every International MBA Applicant Must Avoid

In the wake of better career opportunities, an increasing number of ambitious young International students are now applying to top global B-schools. Getting an MBA degree from a top international school definitely, brings the students a robust and dynamic classroom experience through diversity. Also, embarking on a study abroad program at a highly-ranked business school allow the applicants to have real-time interactions with peers from an array of countries, different cultures, and professional backgrounds. As a result, the students are getting prepared to address the complexities of the real business world and of course, the today’s diverse workforce in a global society.  Another major reason why students are getting more inclined towards global B-schools is the lack of better opportunities. Many students believe that getting a degree from a lower-rung business school aren’t helping their careers in any way. And an MBA degree from the top global B-schools inevitably expands their skill set, network extensively and reflect on many potential career options.


Are you an International student who is planning to go for the Top global B-schools for an MBA International degree? Avoid these most common mistakes that every International MBA applicant tends to commit while taking up a career right after a graduation or post-graduation degree.  Let’s delve deeper:

Mistake 1: Selecting an MBA school by rankings: – When choosing the business school for a management course, which seems like a tricky task, many international students prefer to join a college solely on the basis of impressive rankings. They underestimate the idea of visiting each prospective B-school in person due to financial constraints, and so they trust blindly over published rankings to create a short list of good MBA schools.

Mistake 2: Ignoring the unique personal experiences in essays: – Yes, this is the most common mistake that many international applicants make. An individual should never ignore the business school’s essay prompt. The essay component of the MBA application maximizes the chances to leave a long-lasting impression on the admissions committee. Craft a stellar piece that let your application stand out from potentially thousands of other candidates. Avoid sharing “too” personal stories and try to mention the previous education and professional experience.

Mistake 3: Use of industry jargon or pretentious language: – Every international applicant who is applying to any top global B-schools should avoid using industry jargon or pretentious language. Remember, there are more than hundreds of applications on the desks of the admissions committee members. The staff only got a few (read: valuable) minutes to review every application. Use of flowery or stuffy language might leave a wrong impression, which may lead to the rejection. Your key to a proper application is simple – just show exactly what you are. Let the real personality come through in your application materials.

There are thousands of B-schools where an international applicant can apply to get an MBA degree. Such a huge number immediately brings a million dollar question into the minds of young MBA aspirants – which of these business schools are worth aspiring for? The answer majorly depends on the below discussed the basic parameters:

–    the candidate’s ability (both academic and aptitude)

–    background (both academic and financial)

–    broad career opportunities

–    fees structure

–    location of the b-school

Also, there are some business schools like Sharda University that regular student exchange foreign programs are adding an international dimension to the regular curriculum. The student exchange foreign programs add an international dimension to the regular curriculum. A distinctive benefit to becoming an exchange student is that it offers an opportunity to the students to travel to another country and study at a foreign university. Better cultural awareness, varied academic exposure, and a well-rounded personality are the many benefits of choosing the same.

The bottom line:

Remember getting into a top business school as an international applicant is difficult, especially when your application has to stand out the pool of talented applicants that is rapidly growing. Committing the above-discussed common and most egregious mistakes will inevitably end up crushing your college dreams.