MBA Online and marketing processes.

Today our environment is determined by the sellers, these activities reflect and shape the world in which we live. This will teach you to decipher this article from your MBA online notes. With the start of each year, new products and services are launched and some of them succeed in an unprecedented scale. Some of them we can easily see, is the case of the iPod, iPhone, and iPad too. They are all great inventions and great success in the market, were products of mass production, but also marketing. Remembering previous articles in your MBA online notes explains the concept of marketing, the organization must find ways to discover customer needs and unfulfilled desires and bring products to meet those needs and desires. Achieving this in the following steps is called marketing process:


Meaning Marketing Process according to your MBA online notes: What is known as the process of marketing a company usually involves identifying viable marketing opportunities and potential in the environment, the development of effective strategies to seize opportunities, evolving right marketing strategies and oversee the implementation of these marketing efforts.The marketing process involves forms that can create value for those customers to meet their needs. This marketing process is a continuous series of actions and reactions between customers and organizations that are making an attempt to create value and meet customer needs. In the process of marketing, the situation is analyzed to identify opportunities, the strategy is formulated for a value proposition, tactical decisions are made, the plan is carried out and the results are monitored.

Steps in the process of marketing as your MBA Online: Analysis of the situationMarketing StrategyMarketing Mix DecisionImplementation and Control.Situation Analysis according to your MBA Online: Analysis of the situation in which the organization is serving as the basis for identifying opportunities to meet customer needs unmet. Analysis of the situation and the environment is to identify market opportunities, to understand their own signatures capabilities, and to understand the environment in which the company is operating.Marketing strategy according to your MBA Online: After identifying marketing opportunities a strategic plan is developed to pursue the opportunities identified.Decisions of Marketing Mix as your MBA Online: In this step, detailed tactical decisions are made for the controllable parameters of the marketing mix. It includes – the product development decisions, decisions pricing of products, making product distribution, and product promotion decisions.Application and Control according to your MBA Online: Finally, the marketing plan is applied and the results of marketing efforts are monitored to adjust the marketing mix according to market changes.

The MBA and marketing NaturesMarketing has been defined many times, from the point of organizational, business sense, and social, none of the three is wrong, if you are studying an MBA, and mainly have a vision for the Marketing, where you want to specialize in your MBA Today we are going to open a little ideas about the nature of marketing in your MBA.First, ome marketing conceptsThe American Marketing Association defines Marketing (2004) – “Marketing is an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating and delivering value to customers and for managing relationships in ways that benefit the organization and an interested party. ”According to the AMA (1960) -. “Marketing is conducting business activities that direct the flow of goods and services from producer to consumer or user.”Defines it as Eldridge (1970) – “Marketing is the set of activities to produce profits through verify, create, stimulate, and satisfy the needs and / or desires of a selected segment of the market.”According to Kotler (2000) – “A social process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating, offering, and freely exchanging products and value with others.”We gave several concepts merketing, now we go to the point in your marketing Nature MBA.

  1. The marketing and economic function as your online MBA Notes: From the point of view of marketing as marketing covers all business activities involved in getting goods and services to people, all from the hands of the producers in the hands of the end users of the products. The step pyramid of business through which the goods progress on its way to final consumers is the concern of marketing.
  2. Marketing as a legal process by which the property transfer occurs as your online MBA Notes: In the beginning of the marketing process all begins properties of transfers of property from seller to buyer or the producer to the end user of the product.
  3. The marketing as a system of interacting Business Activities as your online MBA Notes: You must understand that marketing is the process by which a commercial enterprise, profit, satisfy customers, and manage the relationship. It is the outline of business activities that direct the flow of goods and services from producer to consumer or user. It is the process by which the buyer gets the product to your hands.
  4. The marketing as a management function in any company as your online MBA Notes: According to the approach of a specialist or management or systems – “Marketing is the combination of activities to produce profits through verify, create, stimulate, and satisfy the needs and / or desires of a selected segment of the market. ”
  5. Marketing as a social process as your online MBA Notes: According to Cunningham and Cunningham (1981) Marketing is delivering a standard of living for society. According to the approach of the social nature of marketing, this performs three basic functions: –Know and understand changing needs and desires of consumers; Efficient and effective management of supply and demand for products and services; andProviding efficient distribution systems and payment processing.The study of trade and marketing on your MBA.

Since the development of the MBA Online classes, one of the most important modules is the human resources, this module is aimed at MBA Human Resource Management, its function is to provide fundamental understanding of the value chain in Human Resources Management MBA Online development. Their function or purpose is to help students understand, appreciate and analyze the workforce in managerial and non-governmental levels of management. The program also intends to ensure sound knowledge and critical awareness of issues of theoretical and practical interest in human resources develop your MBA Online.

This course or module of the MBA Online requires a high ability to analyze and understand the concepts and an eye to see how the policies and practices of HRM affect the organization’s work, without forgetting the productivity of the same.

The module of the MBA in Human Resources Management contains five modules, where strategy and human resource management in an organizational context are linked, these human resources are viewed from the context of intrinsic organizational systems, meaning organization ” is a social group composed of people, and administration tasks that form a systematic structure of interactive relations, “all this without forgetting the institutional performance and human resource management, all to achieve improved HR effectiveness through training Labour Relations and Development and Human Resources related.

Then the modules one by one explain:

M 1: Linking strategy and human resource management in an organizational context in your MBA Online.This module handles your Online MBA changing business environment and the strategic role of human resources management, Strategic Challenges, Changing profile of human resource management, global practices of human resource management human resources, and the implications a dynamic environment strategic HR watching from the role of business leader.

M 2: Human resources in the context of intrinsic organizational systems in your MBA OnlineThis module of your MBA Online, tries to cover the planning of human resources and job analysis, recruitment: Tests and employee selection, placement, induction, internal mobility and separation, and establishing the information system HR (HRMIS / HRIS), and so the combination of labor power and make a trailer and functional organizational system.

M 3: The process of organizational performance and human resources management in your MBA OnlineIn your MBA Online establishing Performance Management and Performance evaluation system, career management, compensation and rewards management, Human Resources and Accounting and Audits.

M 4: Enhancing HR effectiveness through training and development in your MBA OnlineThis module handles your MBA Online Training and Development-concepts and Necessity, Socialize, guiding and developing employees, effective training methods, employee empowerment participatory management, work-life balance, and the construction of emotional slavery during training Your MBA Online.

M 5: Linking industrial relations with HR in your MBA Online This module is your MBA Online Industrial Employees understanding and relationship, Industrial Relations and changing paradigms, stake holders employee relationship, their changing roles industrial relations, collective bargaining understanding, conflict resolution / Dispute negotiations , settlement and award, positive employee relations, future issues and trends of employment and employees.All these modules are designed to teach the process of human resources for the development of your MBA Online, and growth as a leader.8 secrets to start the online MBA

The Online MBA is a master’s degree in business and management, many professionals that relate to business online forex investors also use it as preparation for their future careers, the MBA Online, can be an important step for you in your future education, employment and staff not. If you learn how to manage your money, you can also learn how to manage many things in your life with your MBA Online.