5 Keys To Choose An MBA

Decide between Studying an MBA program or another is not easy. There are several things to consider before choosing a program from a business school or universities, such as location, price, career opportunities or practice methodology. The MBA, Master in Business Administration is aimed at graduates and professionals who wish to develop their activity in the field of business management. It is a title highly rated by companies and also increases the chances of increasing the payroll.
What demand an MBA? The UPF Barcelona School of Management has met five areas in which we must look for when choosing a MBA, noting the most innovative business schools: d-School Stanford (California), the Rotman School of Management (Canada), Timi Akatemia ( Finland), Kaos Pilot (Denmark) and The New School (New York).

Choosing MBA College

All agree on these points:

  1. Learning by doing’ or experiential learning: each student gets practical experience and learn from their mistakes.– Multidisciplinary: encouraging creativity and innovation by integrating actors, elements and values from multiple areas of knowledge, knowledge and practical technique, and helping to identify synergies, analogies and approaches from several viewpoints.– ‘Flipped Learning’ or inverted pedagogy: the new generations are demanding a more practical and interactive learning, and that is why this type of teaching distributes the lecture with home study with other media.– Professor ‘coach’: is a mentor that will help students to identify key knowledge to be acquired and to question the established, developing innovative proposals.– Customization: is to provide a personalized work for each participant and determine the needs of each student, because not all companies are equal and all students have the same training and experience.
  2.    Full time, part time or executive?Opt for an MBA full time is recommended two years after finishing the race because during that period can gain work experience, usually one of the requirements that are asked to enter an MBA program. This mode is more intense and requires more dedication than a part-time MBA since the latter allows to combine classes with a work or other activities. However, the contents are the same, although distributed differently. Furthermore, the Executive MBA is geared to experienced executives, also it lets you apply what you learn at the time and creating a network with professionals from other sectors.
  3.  Study in Spain or abroad?Access requirements are different if you study in Spain, USA, and the UK. For example, in some schools in international business must prove having passed the GMAT test measures knowledge of math and language that is conducted in English through a computer at an authorized site. Business schools ask certain score on this exam in order to pass the selection process. Although the price varies greatly from place to place, often you can be funded through different methods, either through scholarships, partial or complete, or loans. For example, the British government makes loans to MBA students of the European Union that can be combined with other forms of financing. You must also choose the MBA depending on the sector they want us to spend because there will be more specialized business schools in certain sectors.
  4.  View rankings Although there are aspects that ranking can not assess when classifying an MBA program, yes you can compare the diversity of students, the salary level of graduate or teacher quality, aspects that consider such rankings the Financial Times. If you are considering an MBA outside your country, you can check the ranking of the best cities to study an MBA, according to a report by ESADE. Power also placed via Internet, Financial Times takes a ranking of the best online MBA. One of the advantages of studying in this mode is schedule flexibility since each person times that suits you is fixed. It also allows it compatible with other activities or work. The cost is usually lower and there are no regional limitations. If you also want to know what the best MBA programs in the world, see the FT ranking, in which several Spanish MBAs from business schools are included.
  5. Attending information fairs Every year is celebrated the Fair Access MBA in Master mania involved, and they attend international business schools to inform candidates to study an MBA at your institution about the requirements and scholarships offered. Fair masters and doctorate QS World Grad School where attending workshops and seminars can get the information you need to enter a master’s program in international business schools also celebrated. If you specifically want to study an MBA in the UK, a British educational fair that all information relating to requirements, scholarships, the level of English necessary, required documentation, etc.